Seniors Thinking of Spring


Brooke Ladiski and Brooke Ladiski

The class of 2021 was asked to take a survey about the season of Spring. Out of the 20 responses given, there were some interesting answers. The questions that were asked were things such as what plans they normally have for Spring Break, Easter traditions, favorite spring sports, etc.

The first question that the seniors of Ovid-Elsie High School were asked was what their favorite spring sport is. Six students answered Soccer as being their favorite. The second highest answer was Baseball with four responses. Three people chose Track and Field. The seven other students chose different sports including golf, tennis, croquet, softball, and none. Each of those options only had one student who chose it.

The second question was what their favorite ice cream flavor was. Our town ice cream shop, Blue Moon, opens in the spring so the students were thinking about their favorite flavors from there. There were many different flavors that people chose. Four students chose vanilla and four students chose chocolate. Now, all the other students chose other flavors. Some examples that were brought up were cookie dough, superman, strawberry, chocolate monster, and many others. 

The third question that was asked was what Easter traditions does each student have. Many said that they have the usual Easter egg hunt for the kids and family dinner. About half said that they color the eggs as well. Everyone of the respondents said that they do some sort of breakfast or dinner with family whether it be with quite a few of family members or just the household members. 

The fourth question asked was what student spring break plans are. Due to the pandemic, their plans may change, but, about 10 students said that they plan on traveling somewhere only a few said to warmer places though. Many said that they just travel up north or travel to see family wherever they are. The other half said that they just plan to chill and relax with a few friends. 

The fifth question was if the students like the rain and thunderstorms that come alone with the spring season. About 90% said yes, and the last 10% said no. So, as you can see, the majority of the students prefer the rain. Another question related to the weather was if the students prefer the warm weather or cold weather. The percentages were not much different to the above questions. 85% of the students like warm weather and 15% of the students like the cold. 

The final question was if the students prefer spring or summer. About 11 students said summer and nine said spring. Many of the students who said summer chose it because there’s no school, it’s warmer, and there’s more to do. Those who chose spring prefer spring because it’s not as extreme weather, so it is less hot but not too cold. However, the totals for each choice were very close.