Dangerous Lies Builds Momentum


Dangerous Lies is a Netflix original movie that came out on April 30, 2020. This movie is a great movie for teens and adults to watch if they enjoy suspenseful movies. 

Dangerous lies is about an elderly man passing and leaving his estate to his caregiver, Katie. When she and her husband move into the house and start to uncover dangerous secrets. There is also a real estate agent that is threatening Katie into selling the house and she is trying to uncover why it’s so valuable to him. The couple uncovers the truth and it’s much more dangerous than they expected. 

The cast of this movie includes Camila Mendes, Jessie Usher, Cam Gigandet, Elliott Gould, Sasha Alexander, and Jamie Chung.

Dangerous Lies was directed by Michael Scott and produced by David Golden, Margaret H. Huddleston, Harvey Kahn, Michael M. Scott, and Stephanie Slack. 

This movie is rated TV-14 and is in the thriller genre. Its runtime is 1h 36m. 

Rotten Tomatoes shows that 60% of people enjoyed this movie. I would rate this move a 7/10. In my opinion, the beginning started out slow and I thought it was a little bit boring, but the middle and end were completely action packed and made up for the slow start. There was a shocking plot twist near the end that was completely unexpected.