What is Summer Like in Europe; Exchange Students Weigh In


Silvia Avanzi

Summer is my favorite season, we have almost three months of holiday, every school ends the first week of June and starts the second week of September.

August is when everybody has holiday so August is more expensive than June and July.

The south of Italy is where most people go for holiday, the sea is cleaner in the south than in the north, the places are more beautiful.

I always go on vacation with my family during August for three weeks, then I usually also have one vacation with my friends.

Usually teenagers have holidays with their friends in June or July, there are places in Italy where usually most teenagers go to have a lot of fun. The first one is Riccione in Rimini, a town on Italy’s Adriatic coast. There are a lot of nightclubs that are very cool, but the sea is very dirty. The second one is Gallipoli, a coastal town in Puglia in the southern part of Italy, the sea is amazing and the night club too, is a little more expensive here.

Teenagers’ lives in Italy are very different from here, especially during the summer. School in Italy is more difficult so we only have time during the weekend for hanging out with friends; everyone hangs out Saturday night, also the parents, but during the summer every day it’s like a Saturday night.

We can go to a nightclub starting at 14-years-old with a parent’s delegation and 16 without it, and during summer there is something different to do every night.

On Sunday night we go to a club on the lake called “Copelia” and everyone that lives near me always goes there. On Monday night there is nothing to do, we usually stay at home and watch one television program called “Temptation Island.” On Tuesday night there is a club called “La baia bianca” where you can sit and drink something or dance. On Wednesday night people go to a party, we usually book a house for one night, or go to someone’s second house near the mountain.

On Thursday night you can literally do everything during the evening so we go to Salo, a city near where I live, because there are live musical performances, after that there are two nightclubs that work together, the first is called “and” and it’s only from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. after that we go the another night club called “molo” that close at 4  a.m.

Friday night usually is chill, we stay at home with some friends, eat some pizza and watch a movie . On Saturday night we go to some party or to some night club. Saturday night in Italy is when everybody does something, nobody stays at home.