The Punisher Follows Familiar Plot


The Punisher is based around a Marine who was “killed” and started a new life, he left behind his old life and became a construction worker. While working as a construction worker he would have people ask him constantly if he was special or something, no one had a clue about his past because he started a new life and name. He would almost always have flashbacks of his old life and kids when they were alive before they were killed off by some mercenaries, reminiscent of RoboCop, who just wanted to get to him. So far this is a very good and action packed show in my opinion, there are lots of blood and violence. Streaming since Nov 17, 2017 it is an action thriller favorite. Cast includes, Jon Bernthal(Punisher) Ben Barnes, Amber Rose Revah. Rotten Tomatoes 64%  So far I give this show a 8 out of 10. Director: Jim O’Hanlon . Almost anyone would enjoy this show as long as they like action and adventure.