Varsity Girls Volleyball Off to A Good Start This Season


Kalista Bancroft

Tuesday, August 24th, the Ovid-Elsie Varsity Volleyball team played on their home court against Webberville beating them 15-10. The Marauders took the Spartans to five sets and ended up on top. All five sets were very close however O-E was able to beat Webberville 15-10 in the last set. When interviewing Braylon Byrnes, she said, “that the heat definitely took a toll on us, however, the energy in the gym was much stronger than that and we were able to push through.

Wednesday, August 26th, the Ovid-Elsie Varsity Volleyball team traveled to Perry HIgh School to take a loss from the Ramblers. Unfortunately the heat was not on the Marauder’s side. As they took Perry to four sets they came just short of winning. Senior DS Kyran Tyler, expressed that the referee was not calling in favor of Ovid-Elsie. “There were many bad calls, however, I can’t blame the ref for all of the game. There were definitely some instances where we took ourselves out of the game due to the heat and just simple mistakes.” Final score: 1-3.

Tuesday, Sept. 7th, the Ovid-Elsie Varsity Volleyball team played their first conference game at Chesaning. Outcome, The Marauders came out with a win in four sets. Senior captain Jolene Nash said that the Marauders came out and started the game with a lot of energy, however, they lost that energy in the second set. “When the third set started we instantly had three or four good plays that brought our energy back up and set the tone for the rest of the third set and on to the fourth where we came out with a win,” said Nash.

Tuesday Sept. 14th, the Ovid-Elsie Varsity Volleyball played their second conference game of the season against Montrose Hill-McCloy. The Marauders played on their home court and came out with a win in three sets. O-E started off very strong in the first set with the final score of 25-13. The second set they had a slow start but ended up winning 25-15. And the last set was another win for the Marauders with a score of 25-14. “Top players of the game were Senior Outside hitter Kalista Bancroft with 11 kills and 8 serve receive passes. Senior setter Braylon Byrnes with 10 aces, and a total of 25 serves. Sophomore Setter Evalyn Cole with 10 Assists and 38 attempts,” said Coach Kourtney Miller.