Harry Styles Sings Favorites in Detroit


Amber Ingraham

Singer Harry Styles performed to a crowd of about 20,000 at the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan, Monday at 8 p.m.. Dressed in a red button-up shirt and a pair of blue pants that dazzled the crowd with sparkles, Styles played songs from his debut album, Harry Styles (2017), and his most recent album, Fine Line (2019), and threw in a few One Direction songs as well. The prior boyband member came up through the floor of the stage to join his band in playing the opening number, Golden. His part of the show lasted about two hours.

The band, all dressed in white, consists of six members, Niji Adeleye on piano, Mitch Rowland as the guitarist, Pauli Lovejoy with various percussion instruments, Sarah Jones on drums, Ny Oh on piano and vocals, and Adam Prendergast playing the bass guitar. The band and Harry played phenomenally together, with excellent style and sound. The stage was open without a backdrop allowing the audience to see from different angles.

Styles, always dancing with a smile on his face, was full of energy the whole time, and even interacted with individuals in the crowd a bit. There was one person in a banana costume that caught the singer’s attention, and he proceeded to sing “She’s dressed as a banana,” to the music of the beginning of hit song Watermelon Sugar. Another fan held a sign saying that it was her 16th birthday, and Harry asked the crowd to join him in singing the birthday song to her. There was even a marriage proposal that was celebrated by the performer during the song What Makes You Beautiful. 

Before the outstanding performance from Styles, Jenny Lewis warmed up the crowd with her various stylings of indie rock, alternative country, and indie folk. Her set lasted about 30 minutes before she exited the stage in order for the crew and audience to prepare for the main event. 

The night ended with a spectacular encore, two of the final songs being Fine Line from Styles’ second album, and Kiwi from his first.