Varsity Marauder Football Beats Division 1 Edsel Ford 29-0


Austin Darling, Staff writer

Ovid Elsie Underdogs emerged victorious with a 29-0 win over the Detroit Edsel Ford Thunderbirds. The
game was predicted to be a loss for the Division 6 Marauders who faced off against the Division
1 Detroit school. Throughout the whole game, Ovid-Elsie held control of the field.
Offensively, the team was lead by Cohen Tyler, Perrien Rasch, and Jamison Custer. Tyler had six
carries for 63 yards, Rasch with six carries and 48 yards, and Custer had eight carries for 42
yards. Additionally, Rasch and Custer both had a touchdown, and two more came from Logan
Thompson. Julian Mortier was also 3/3 on extra point attempts with no attempted field goals.
Defensively, Clay Wittenberg, Landon Stoneman, and Kevin Ley lead the team. Wittenberg had
eight tackles with two tackles for loss. Fellow linebacker Stoneman had similar stats with six
tackles and two tackles for loss. Leading the defensive line was Ley, who had four tackles and
another two tackles for loss. Additionally, the Marauders gained points on a defensive safety.
This win was essential for the Ovid-Elsie playoff run, with the game earning them 60 playoff
points. Up next is their Homecoming game against the Chesaning Indians taking place
September 30th. A win is expected for the home team, but they must be ready to compete.