NFL Players Concerned Over Turf-Related Injuries


Kevin Torrey II, Staff writer

After an exciting week 4 of the NFL, there were many injuries. Now the
question arrives, what should the NFL do to fix it? This year we have seen
many star players getting injured such as Deandre Swift, Amon-Ra St.
Brown, Jonathon Taylor, Javonte Williams, Cordarelle Patterson, and lots
more. All of these injuries are either knee injuries or ankle injuries. The
main of those is ACL tears, all of these injuries are because of how turf
affects the movement of joints and muscles. Before the big turf installation
in the early 2000s, the average number of injuries per 100 plays was 1.34
players. Since 2016, the average number of injuries per 100 plays has
increased drastically to barely over 2. With the mayhem of these injuries,
people are asking to change or even maybe recall all turf fields. San
Fransisco star defensive end Nick Bosa stated,”Every player is one play
away from altering their career forever when playing on turf.” This shows
how everyone on the field is always worrisome. If the turf continues, it may
not be good for the sport. The NFL has acknowledged the turf problem but
has yet to do anything about it.