Elf, A Great Holiday Classic

Faith Blacker, Staff writer

Elf is a great holiday movie that many people have come to love. It was released on Nov. 23rd, 2003. In the last couple years, almost all people have watched it around Christmas. It is rated PG, so it is a great film for kids. 


It starts by telling the story of how Buddy, (Will Ferrell) was raised. He was an orphan that was accidentally transported to the North Pole with Santa and his elves. Eventually, when they realize their mistake it’s too late so Buddy is taken in by an elf named Papa, (Bob Newheart) who raises him as his own. When Buddy is old enough, papa tells him he is adopted because buddy feels like he doesn’t fit in with them. Then, Buddy decides he wants to know more about where he came from so he decides to travel to where he was born. (Manhattan) There, he searches for his real father, (James Cann) who wants nothing to do with him at first and has a whole new family of his own. Obviously at first the cynical businessman father doesn’t believe that he has another son until a DNA test proves that they are related. After that, Walter reluctantly attempts to start a relationship with the childlike Buddy with increasingly chaotic results.

The movie is directed by Jon Favreau, and has many famous stars. (mentioned above) On the Tomatometer, Elf scores 85%, so I highly recommend this movie. It is festive, kid friendly and very funny. This movie remains one of (in my opinion) the best Christmas movies I have ever seen.