Tangled, Cute With Popcorn

Natalie Stoneman, Staff writer

The movie Tangled is a cute animated film to watch with young ones and in your spare time. The staring voices are Mandy Moor voicing Rapunzel and Zachary Levi voicing Flynn Rider. This movie came out on November 4th, 2010. The directors are Nathan Greno and Byron Howard. It is a classic Disney princess movie. 

At the beginning of the movie, you will notice that Rapunzel has a very unique characteristic which is her long blond hair. She uses this hair to help her mother get up to the top of her house. During the movie, Rapunzel is unable to leave the house ever. Every year there are these lanterns that float across the sky on the day of her birthday. Rapunzel grows very curious and urges her mother Gothel to let her leave the house, but she refuses. Eventually one day a man appears to be inside her house and she has defended herself. She soon finds out he is a thief, and in order for him to get prized possession back he has to take Rapunzel to see the lanterns. Throughout the plot, Fylnn and Rapunzel are faced with many different obstacles that they have to work through together, and doing this strengthens the relationship that they have built throughout their journey. In the end, there is a huge plot twist where she finds out who her real mother is and how that has an effect on her life.

The rating that is on rotten tomatoes for this movie is 89% on the tomato meter and a 87% for the audience score. The reviews that were given were almost all good. The movie is a dramatic love story with many twists and turns throughout the plot. I would recommend this movie to kids to adults. I could see many different people having a good time just sitting down with a bowl of popcorn and enjoying this movie. For my personal rating, I would have to give this movie an 8/10