Hustle Depicts Talent Scout Interactions Abroad

Averie Knickerbocker, Staff writer

Hustle is a movie on Netflix starring Adam Sandler that came out in June of 2023 directed by Jeremiah Zagar, age 42. This heart warming movie is about a NBA Scout looking for some new NBA talent. Adam Sandler goes from country to country looking at street basketball players who are eligible to play in the NBA. While in Spain he finds basketball courts where people bet hundreds of dollars on who they think will win. He set his eyes on a 6 ft 9 basketball player who is phenomenal. He has never been heard of before so the NBA scout had to take his chances on bringing him into the NBA which costs him his job. This film is humorous yet heartfelt and inspirational. It has a tomatometer rating of 93% and an overall audience score of 93%. People were harsh about the tomato meter. It was too high for my liking, I thought the movie was top tier.