McDonald’s Numerous Choices Make It the Best

Carly Johnson, Staff writer

 McDonalds is my go to fast food restaurant and it should be yours too. I like it the best because they have a numerous amount of coffee you can choose from and it’s cheaper than those big name coffee shops like Starbucks and BigsBy. For example you can get a Large Caramel Frappuccino at McDonalds for $3.39 but at Starbucks the same drink will cost you $4.50. One thing I dislike about it is that sometimes they have their machines down for cleaning and it takes about eighteen minutes to clean. Also McDonalds no longer does breakfast all day which I dislike as well because their breakfast is amazing. They don’t salt their fries too much and there is a decent size menu and plenty of choices that include burgers, fries, nuggets, pop ($1), coffee ($2), slushies, and desserts. They also do ice cream which is really nice on hot days and is cheap. One soft serve vanilla cone will cost you $1.50 at McDonalds compared to Dairy Queen which is $2.69. There is also an app that allows you to build points with purchases. The more points you have the more coupons you can receive and use. McDonalds has some healthy products too like apple slices and milk/chocolate milk so if you have a kid it’s a better alternative than pop. McDonalds also has some products that are seasonal like the shamrock shake, shamrock Oreo flurry, McRib, adult happy meal, certain flavor pies, and the bagel breakfast sandwiches. I don’t know why but their fountain pop tastes better than the other fast food restaurants but it’s definitely worth mentioning. Another thing I’d like to mention is McDonalds seems expensive till you compare it to other stores. I can get a ten piece nugget meal that comes with fries and a drink at McDonalds for $6.49 than at Burger King or Wendy’s. I’d give McDonalds an 8/10 overall. They have so much to choose from, service is always pretty fast and nice, and their food is good. The lobby is always nice and peaceful if you’re sitting down to eat or do whatever. Most McDonalds have a play place for kids to entertain themselves unlike a lot of other fast food restaurants. I recommend going to eat there if you ever need something quick and easy.