Review: Iron man 3

Staff and Staff

Any addition to the Iron man series should be as it is an Iron man movie. But with the addition to Iron Man 3 Marvels third addition to the Iron man series. Though while watching the movie It seemed like it didn’t fit with the rest of the series. In the beginning this movie starts out fast paced and the plot is developed slowly over time, the movie starts off with the high tech Iron man style saying this is an Iron man movie. But later on more problems occur and Tony’s has developed an issue since the New York incident in The Avengers and this becomes a recurring problem throughout the movie using it as a plot point later on.

At this point in the story it no longer is the Iron man movie you were expecting. All of the technology is gone and for a good 20 minutes its just dialogue and Tony bonding with a young kid. The ending off the movie also includes a high ended action pack scene but with many issues as more powerful weapons he could use isn’t, or that there isn’t any other issues up to this point besides Tony’s paranoia and his experience with The Avengers being brought up. Another issue is the big reveal of who the villain is causing all the events to take place and is its not what you would have or in my case approve of as a twist that you can except.

Lastly I seen an issue as that there are things that destroy his suits were in the first one he gets shot by a tank and shrugs it off and when one of his suit gets hit by a truck it falls apart. Anyway Iron man with little action and some comical moments in together is still a good movie to own but there are issues I have seen in the movie that just don’t seem right. If recommended I would still buy this movie as its a good title to own with just some flaws.

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