Football Playoffs 2013

Staff and Staff

Previously, the high school has reached playoffs in 2005, 2006, 2008, 2011. This year, 2013.  Some years the band and the football team have made it to districts and in 2008 we were able to reach the Division Finals. Beginning our journey into the playoffs, we begin our fight against Lansing Catholic.

Allen Martin, a science teacher in the high school and assistant junior varsity coach, said, “Yes, it is not something we do very often; there is a lot of tough opponents that we faced this year to reach playoffs.”  The pride in our school’s football team is confidence within itself.

But not many people know that the Band also participates with the football team. The school will travel with them to the other schools, meeting other students in the process.

“Yeah, the Band does a great job at  half time doing their show and gets the crowd fired up for the next half of the game.” said a junior,Marcus Medina.

Sabrina Hammond, a freshmen, said, “Yes because it brings in money and gives the community some pride.” These events bring in people in the surrounding spectrem to the games on Friday night. This helps show our community that the younger generation can provide hope in today’s day and age.