Lacrosse Doesn’t Build Character, It Reveals It.



Lacrosse is one of the fastest-growing high school sport in the United States, with more than 170,000 students now playing the sometimes hard-hitting game.This is the second year the boys take the field with hopes to win a game.

“Lacrosse has taught me a lot,” senior Dillan McGinnis said. “It has showed character of others, how the team has to be on the same page and how to work together.”

Many agree that lacrosse is really hard on your body, from running into people to getting knocked on your butt.

“Lacrosse is harder on your body than some may think, we are even getting beat with a stick,” sophomore Sean Witt said.

Although it is their second year playing, their coach has high hopes in getting a win. Last season didn’t go as wanted, but it was also their first time playing.

“I would like to see a win from this group of guys,” coach Patrick Witt said. “They have been working really hard, I cannot wait to see what they accomplish this year and the following years.”

The lacrosse team keep their head held high after multiple losses, in hope to get them next time