Does Age Matter for Trick or Treating?


Staff and Staff

There are pumpkins on front porches, witches running the streets, and candy at every corner. What other signs does someone need to see that it is Halloween? Kids dress up and go out at night to get bags of candy, older kids dress up and scare people, parents worry about their kids’ safety, and grandparents enjoy all the dressed up kids coming to their doors.

So many people love the Halloween spirit and of course the candy. But how old is too old for trick or treating?

Senior Danielle Brandal believes that high school should be the limit for going door-to-door.

“It isn’t fair to younger kids if people run out of candy,” Brandal said.

But juniors Zach Swartz and Nick Rood think differently.

“You are never too old for trick or treating, or maybe you should stop if you are 105,” they said.

When holidays come around, decorations come out. Everywhere you go you see witches flying through yards, ghosts floating around the houses, jack o lanterns glowing in the night, and bats hanging from the roofs. Swartz and Rood both said they carve pumpkins every year, as did Brandal and sophomore Andrew Bosom. Art teacher Laura Weber said she decorates every year. Halloween is her favorite holiday and she always dresses up to go to cool costume parties.

After a day of little kids going sugar crazy, parents taking pictures of costumes, and older kids jumping out to make others scream, Halloween comes to an end. Everyone goes through their candy and Halloween lights are put back in the closet. But even though it is over, everyone enjoys the candy and memories from the night for days to come.