New Weight Room Equipment Installed



Ovid-Elsie High School purchased new equipment from Samson Equipment for the weight room to replace the other old equipment. They purchased Squat racks, cable machines, dumbbells, Glute/Ham bench, and a leg extension/ leg curl machine.

Athletic Director Joel Longstreth and Teacher Travis Long said the new machines were purchased over the summer and it was all delivered in early September of this year. The old equipment was sold to other people who wanted equipment and everything that wasn’t sold, was scrapped. 

Longstreth and Long said that we got new equipment due to the old equipment falling apart, it would be beneficial for high schoolers, it was something that was more functional for high schoolers, and this way they can get more athletes to work out at the same time with the same machines. The money to fund the purchases came from a bond issue passed by voters in May. Principal Jason Tokar said that the new machines cost us roughly $71,000 and the Music Boosters donated $7,500.