Suspenseful Grey’s Anatomy Has Developed Characters


Grey’s Anatomy is a show you can access on Netflix, Hulu, ABC and more. The show is a medical drama series, it focuses on a young group of interns and as you get further into the show you see how they grow, who leaves, and who stays. Grey’s Anatomy has been around for 15 years now. It started in 2005 and just started their 16h season. The show is based in Seattle, Washington.  Ellen Pompeo, who plays Meredith Grey in the show, is the main character in all 16 seasons. 

Shonda Rhimes is the director of the show. Sometimes Rhimes lets the cast such as Ellen Pompeo, (Meredith Grey)  and Debbie Allen, (Catherine Avery) direct an episode or more. I would rate the show a 8.5/10. But critics on IMDb rate the show a 7.6/10, and 8.8/10. The feedback on the show is overall great reviews. 

The first episode of Season 16 started off with Dr Grey, Dr Karev, and Dr Webber getting fired from their attending jobs for fraud. Dr. Grey was general surgeon, Dr. Karev was a pediatric surgeon, and Dr. Webber was the Chief of Surgery. Dr. Deluca was in a relationship with Dr. Grey and he went to jail for her. Now, Dr. Grey is on parole and she isn’t going to jail. Meanwhile, Dr. Karev and Dr. Webber started their new job at one of the worst hospitals in Seattle. Since Dr. Grey was the main source of the crime, she received more punishment than the others. Now we wait until this coming Thursday to see what happens to these few.