COPD A Serious Health Concern

COPD A Serious Health Concern


COPD is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and it affects you long term and it will never go away but there are things to help manage it. There are different breathing techniques and medications that are very helpful when having COPD. 

The causes of COPD is smoking or being around smoke constantly. It starts to mess with your breathing and it can slowly affect you. 

When having this disease and you’re a smoker, you have to quit smoking in order for you to get better, even though it will never go away. You need to wash your hands often and also take your medicine daily and at the correct times that you are told. 

There are different types of COPD and different types of severities. There is Bronchitis and Emphysema and there is moderate and severe. According to the doctors at Sparrow Hospital, while having to quit smoking, you also have to have a healthy diet and you need to exercise. It can’t reverse the disease, but it can help the way you breathe and make you feel a little better. 

A person with COPD needs to digest more 400-700 more calories than somebody else in a day to help them maintain a healthy body weight. 

A person with this disease needs to understand how serious it is if they don’t take care of themselves properly and what the risks are if they choose not to take care of themselves.

Photo – COPD lung diagram by Breathe LA