Most OE Students Involved in Sports

Most OE Students Involved in Sports


A recent OE sports survey that was handed out to Ovid-Elsie students found that the majority of highschoolers are a part of some kind of sports team. 

The survey was handed out to Teachers Karl Dahlke’s fifth hour, Ben Dong’s fifth hour, and some students in Michael Puffpaff’s fifth hour, for a total of 50 surveys conducted total. The students answered a total of seven questions, some of the answers were the same, but most of them were very different from each other.  The third question the students were asked was, “Do you play a sport?” Thirty-six of the 50 students said yes they do play sports, and only 14 students said that they do not play sports. 

Another question that was asked was, “What is your favorite sport?” Twenty-nine of the students that were asked, picked a sport other than the three that were listed, but all said different things, another eight of the students picked football as their favorite sport. Overall, the most common answer was football as a students favorite sport. 

Finally, a question that was asked was, “What sport, in your opinion, shouldn’t be considered a sport?” The three most common answers were cheerleading/dance, with 23 votes, anything can be a sport, with 15 votes, and bowling, with four votes. Overall, the most common answer that was given for this question was cheerleading/dance.