OE Middle Schoolers Attend Career Expo

Olivia Burt and Olivia Burt

OE Middle School students participated in a Reality Fair as they head to DeWitt to meet with representatives in the Clinton County Career Expo.

Crystal Loynes an Ovid-Elsie Middle School staff member informed us that, on Thursday, Oct. 31, the OE Middle School Student Council is hosting the annual Halloween Bash after school from 3:00 to 4:45. pm 

On Friday, Nov 1, The 8th Graders with be attending a Reality Fair in the afternoon. Journey Federal Credit Union has a program for students that is a reality fair, where they get a career and family and determine different choices, based on budgeting, and what their circumstances are. Students  are also going to be helping out the Elsie Food Bank with this event, students are able to get a $25 tax credit for the reality fair for every non perishable item Students will also be attending the Clinton County Career Expo at DeWitt High School Nov. 6.