“Fine Line” Harry Styles Next Powerful Pop Rock Album

Fine Line Harry Styles Next Powerful Pop Rock Album


Harry Styles former member of the popular band One Direction, Has released his second album entitled Fine Line. The 12 track album was released on December 13 2019. The songs Lights Up, Watermelon Sugar, and Adore You were all released as singles. Fine Line is a little under 47 minutes of soft pop rock and indie pop Styles described as, “all about having sex and feeling sad,” in his interview with Rolling Stone, as well as his toughest most soulful songs yet. 

Lyrically Styles is able to captivate listeners and with tales of love and loss. As well as paint vivid stories of life. Styles lyrics are original and refreshing in the current state of most popular music. Breathing life back into phychedleic pop. Styles reminds me of a mix of The Beatles and Borns with a little something extra for kick. 

Musically and instrumentally Fine Line is unlike his first album entitled Harry Styles very diverse and mixing sounds you wouldn’t generally hear on a modern pop album, but they all fit so well together to make a sound very unique to Styles and this album, making him a few new indie hits.

Altogher I think Styles album is very diverse lyrically, rythymically, and instrumentally. As well as being a samsh hit. This album pushes ideas of what new music should sound like and is still unique and quite uplifting even though the subject isn’t always happy. Out of five i would give the album a four and one half.  If you are thinking about giving Styles a listen I would suggest listneig to Fine Line ASAP.