OETV Update Includes Virtual Team



The OETV Update announcement class has been facing some new protocols this year. With the Covid-19 pandemic there has been some new rules and regulations that the class has to obey. With all of the challenges and new changes, OETV TV has still been doing a great job pushing out their news content to the school, to make sure we get the announcements we need to know. With the pandemic they have to change a lot of things including some virtual students and some in person students, social distancing, wearing masks, and having a pretty big class. 

OETV update teacher, Michael Puffpaff said that the big thing is having a way bigger class with 16 total students and six of those students are online. Usually the class would be split up into two separate teams. One team doing announcements and the other making news packages. Puffpaff says they are still doing the two teams but a little differently. The online students have to present their video clips they made on the news package to Mr. Puffpaff via email or schoology. The virtual students usually have to make these videos and send them to their teacher with their cell phones. 

The students that are doing face to face learning have to learn and participate a little differently also. When making an announcement the person behind the news desk that is reading the announcements does not have to wear a mask while being filmed. Everyone else in the studio keeps their masks on. Mr. Puffpaff says his class this year is also pretty young with a lot of freshmen. He says that another challenge is trying to teach everyone how to use the video equipment and editing software but they are learning fast. Lastly, a new feature that OETV update put into their announcements is an overhead flying drone and students reading the weather forecast outside. Doing the weather outside allows students to take their masks off and breath a little.With all of the challenges and new rules that are taking place this year, OETV is adjusting fast and hopes to keep everybody healthy and safe. They have a lot of challenges to face but they are still getting the job done one way or another. With half virtual students, half face to face, having to wear a mask all of the time and trying to social distance, OETV sure has done a great job and are pushing out those announcements like usual.