Among Us Gains Popularity


Among Us was released on June 15, 2018, but recently began gaining popularity all around the world. The game consists of 4-10 players, ranging from your friends to strangers from anywhere in the world. Once the game begins, you are left with a handful of tasks to do around the world you are in. There are three worlds, but the most common one is The Skeld, in this world different tasks include fixing wiring, uploading database files and cleaning out garbage, and all this is being done while there are 1-3 “imposters” among the crew as well. 

The Imposters look and act just like the rest of the crew, they are given “tasks” to pretend to do, but their main objective is to kill other players in the world while not being caught. Once someone finds a body, they can report it, or if someone is suspicious of another player they can call an emergency meeting. If a body is reported or a meeting is called, each of the remaining players are left in a group chat where they get to discuss who they believe the imposter(s) could be, and then are left to vote out who they think it is. If you don’t have any proof of someone being the imposter, or just don’t know who to vote, you’re given the option to skip and not vote someone out of the game. 

On the other hand, a lot of times people will believe someone to be the imposter and vote them out, even if they aren’t actually it. Once you’re voted out, imposter or not, or killed by an imposter, you then get to run around the world as a ghost and watch the rest of the players finish the game while you complete the rest of your tasks if they’re not finished. Each ghost gets to chat with each other, but not anyone who is still alive in the game. 

As more players die and more suspicion begins to be raised on different characters, more and more players begin to be voted off the game. Once all imposters have been voted off the game, the round then ends and the remaining crew members win the game. Whereas if all crew members died or were voted out and only one remained, the Imposter had won the game. 

This game began to see a surge in popularity mid-2020 as more known content creators began to play and review the game. The game was a hit for the quarantine season that 2020 became known for, giving people the opportunity to connect with others and have something fun to help pass the time.