Durant Bests OE Varsity Volleyball

Durant Bests OE Varsity Volleyball

Rylee Lewis and Rylee Lewis

On Oct. 22nd at Ovid-Elsie High School, the Girls Varsity Volleyball Team lost against Durand. The team did play very well, however, they just didn’t pull through for the win. 

They played 5 sets total as it was a very close game. They won the first set with the score of 25-16. The Railroaders took the second and third set with the scores of 17-25 and 21-25. Then the Marauders won the fourth with 25-18 sending them into the 5th set. The 5th only played until 15 which made the game very intense and stressful for the girls. The score ended up being 13-15 and the Marauders lost.

Setter Braylon Burnes stated, “We played a lot better than usual, but it’s really disappointing we came that close and didn’t pull through. We almost had the first conference win of our season.” Many of the other players felt the same way as Burnes and are hoping to get a record win this season.

This brings the Varsity conference to 0-5 and they play next Monday away against Freeland and Tuesday away against Montrose.