OE Equestrian Tam Place 10th at States


Samantha Snider and Samantha Snider

Oct. 14th-18th the OE Equestrian Team had their last meet of the season. The meet is the finalist one and it goes by the name of States.

 The Equestrian Team consists of 4 riders and 2 coaches, 2 are juniors and 2 are freshmen. The 2 juniors are Clarisse Fitzpatrick and Kendahl Smeltzer. The 2 freshmen are Samantha Snider and Adele Jones. The coaches of the team were Barbra Schultz and the assistant coach was Erika Webster.

At the States Equestrian meet the OE Team had their toughest competition yet. Only having 4 people on their team, compared to the other teams having twice the amount, they were still able to pull through and get top 10 for the State of Michigan. Their placing for the meet was 10th.

The Meet took place in the city of Midland at Midland County Fairgrounds.

This event happened about a week ago starting on the day of Oct. 14th and extending all the way to the 18th. The six days that the girls were showing the average temperature was 60 to 50 degrees and to go along with that it also rained for a couple of those days. 

In order for the Equestrian Team to make it this far they had to get either grand or reserved champion at both Districts and Regionals. They got both reserved for Districts and Regionals so they qualified to move on. 

The Team wouldn’t have been able to make it without the motivation from both parents and coaches. The Team would like to thank them for the amazing season that they experienced.