High School Shuts Down Three Days



Due to the ongoing COVID cases in Clinton County, Ovid-Elsie Area Schools shut down their face-to-face learning Monday Nov. 2 through Wednesday Nov. 4. Parents and administration got phone calls from the school on Sunday Nov. 1st stating that the school district would be shut down until Thursday. On Thursday students and parents were still unsure if their kids could resume face-to-face learning due to the pandemic, but on Wednesday evening the parents received another phone call stating that their kids could go back to school on Thursday. Within the three-day period of the school being shut down the students still had to do school work. All the face-to-face students had to do virtual learning for those three days and had daily check in google meets for attendance at certain times. Now all of the face-to-face students are back in school and we all hope for the best for Clinton County and our school district to control these cases in order for kids to stay in school.