State Shutting Down Do To Covid

Samantha Snider and Samantha Snider

Once again because of the worldwide virus Covid-19 or also known as Coronavirus, the State of Michigan is being shut down and the one responsible for it is the State Department of Public Health.

The whole State of Michigan is going to have to close down many places like bars, coffee shops, hair salons, schools, etc. and we will be forced to stay at home again.  The State Health Department recommended that the state be shut down. 

The whole state is going to be shut down and that means that some businesses are going to have to change. All of the restaurants are going to now be take-out only and some small businesses are going to shut down completely. The schools will also be shut down at the high school level across the state. OE school board voted to close its elementary schools too until Dec. 10th. Leonard Elementary and EEK are going to be passing out lunches in the afternoon if you would like to grab some for your family. 

The exact date to shut down the State was decided to be Wednesday Nov. 18th 2020.

The explanation for the State lock down is due to the increase in Covid-19 cases throughout Michigan with 12,651 cases and 8,437 that have died.