Student Council Works Remotely


Jollee Swender and Jollee Swender

This week, freshman Rian Kirby sat down and talked about what has been happening in Student Council and how they are preparing for Holiday Week. Kirby was picked for the interview because she is not only on the council but has contributed a ton when they started preparing. She has not only been attending all the meetings but also made the flyers for the entire school, to get the word out. 

The first question Kirby was asked was what were the plans they had for a holiday spirit week. She responded lightly with,”We are currently planning holiday week, which will basically just be a Christmas themed virtual spirit week during the last week before break.” 

She was then asked, “How are the virtual meetings? Are they efficient or difficult to manage?” Kirby said, ”In person meetings are definitely a lot easier, but I think we’re doing pretty good with the virtual ones too. They’re efficient for the most part and it’s easy for all members to participate even virtually.”  

Another question that came to her attention was asking if they had a lot of participation with the meetings and with the council now that we have all gone virtual. She replied that everyone was trying the best they could, under such crazy circumstances. Many people join the virtual meetings and they can speak up in the calls or type in chats to get their ideas across. Many members are also working hard outside the meetings with things such as flyers. 

The next question asked was,”How does the council plan on spreading the word for the Holiday events?” She answered, “The main way we’ll be spreading the word about holiday week is through social media and email. Because we are no longer in person learning, practically everything we do has to be on a virtual program, so through email we can reach all students and through social media parents get updates and students get more reminders of the upcoming events.”

 A question that was also brought up was, “What is your favorite part about the council?” Kirby explained that, “My favorite part of the student council this year so far has been planning things to make our students happier when times are tough for everyone. We saw a lot of excitement through homecoming week even though it didn’t have all the events that it usually does, and hopefully holiday week will also bring students the much needed joy.”

The last question asked, ”As a freshman, what has been weird or difficult this year for you, being new to the council and all?” She replied with, “ It’s been a little weird for everyone this year I think, just because nobody here has ever done student council completely virtual, so right now it’s almost a completely new experience for everyone and not just the freshman/new members, so we’re all working out the difficulties together.”