Should Marijuana Be Legal Across the U.S.

Should Marijuana Be Legal Across the U.S.

Hayden Toribio

Do you support legalized marijuana? My personal opinion is that it should be legalized within all states. Marijuana has benefits and has downsides but for the most part it should be allowed because we have legalized worse drugs, people have opinions, and the law is set for this.

My first point for why it should be legalized is because we have allowed worse drugs to be open for use. We allow alcohol and tobacco for example, drugs that can and will kill you. While marijuana is a safer option compared to alcohol and tobacco.

Secondly, people can choose whether they want to use it or not. Making it legal doesn’t mean everyone will be forced to use it. Only the people who decide that they want to use it will use it. You can’t control people and keeping it illegal will just make those people criminals buying it illegal.

Finally, we have a law for a reason. The law might state that marijuana is illegal but with other laws it can be lifted. If someone decides that they want to use it while driving or out in public where they can be a danger, that is their fault and they deserve the consequences that follow. They should only use it when they are at home or don’t plan on leaving for hours.

In total, all of these points add up to prove that allowing marijuana to be legalized would be just fine. We have worse drugs open to the public that can harm more than marijuana, people can choose whether they want to use it, and other laws can be there to enforce safe use of marijuana. I myself wouldn’t use marijuana but I know people who would. And facts add up that it would be just fine to legalize it.