Blink-182’s New Single Very Disappointing Effort

Larz Ostrander, Staff writer

Blink-182 announced this week that they would be reuniting with singer Tom Delonge, sending
longtime fans of the band over the moon. A couple days ago they released the first single off
their new album.  Delonge gave fans extremely high hopes for the new album, going as far
to say that this album will be their best work. From this song however, it does not look like that
will be the case. The single, Edging, is pretty awful actually.
The song starts with Tom Delonge on lead vocals, which you’d think would be a breath of
fresh air, but is a little strange sounding. The things that made Blink-182 good in the 90s are just
kinda weird now. Juvenile topics are a little off-putting when it’s coming from guys with grey hair. Delonge’s voice
started to get exaggerated and a little silly towards the end of his time with the band, now it’s the
same but he’s like 50.
The lyrics in this song are a little goofy to say the least. Lyrics like these from a gaggle
of immature teens wearing  shorts in the 90s was funny and charming, but now they’re just lazy and
In conclusion, I give this first track a 2/10; I’m not going to listen to the whole album.  This is a
very disappointing comeback.