IPhone 7 Review


Staff and Staff

One of the brand new iPhone 7s. | Photo by Madison Schneider

The IPhone 7 was much of a disgrace to past Apple users. There was only one real change in the design of the phone, the headphone jack. There isn’t one there anymore. So what do we do now? We have to plug in an adapter into the charger port. So now when you wanna jam out in your car with your friends, make sure your phone isn’t about to die! Thanks Apple.

Another difference with the IPhone 7 is, that it is now “water resistant.” Why do I say it like that you may ask? Well they still crash you drop it into water. So, this whole “new upgrade” didn’t help much either.

But we should consider, the new color options now available. Apple now includes an option called Jet Black. This now makes the phone insanely shiney. Cool you think? That’s what I thought, until I realized that this will now cause scratches to be more profound on the device. So every time you “accidently” drop the IPhone, there goes twenty new beautiful scratches down the back. Won’t be looking so cool after the first two drops. Again thanks Apple.

Lastly, Apple hasn’t changed the overall design of the phone in the last three generation of the IPhone. Like come on Apple. Give us a fresh new phone, so we finally have something to actually rave about. Give us a reason to go stand in line for hours, just so we can brag to our friends that we got the sweet new phone first.