Technology Has Positives and Negatives

Technology Has Positives and Negatives


I think technology has made things more efficient especially in the past 20 years, but since new technology has been in the picture that’s where there is an issue. Although there are a lot of positives to technology, there are also some disadvantages, for example some people are addicted to technology and have missed out on great opportunities because they were too focused on it.

Technology has changed our world in many ways, not only for the good, but it has also done damage. Cell phones have became a much easier way of communicating with people, but some people take advantage of having a cell phone to harm others by spreading false information about others for the whole world to see.

Texting and social media have made it easier to connect to others online, by using these technologies it can also make it easier for some people to do major damage to others. For example, bullying is easier to do and could be done in a much harsher way with putting things on the internet about other people or just saying rude comments about someone for everyone to see.  

Communicating with people face to face is very important, especially in today’s world.