OE Seniors Looking for Closure


As of March 13th, 2020 all schools in Michigan had a two-week break from school because of the Coronavirus and it got extended for another week and then face to face contact was completely cancelled and we started moving to online work and Zoom calls. Normally we would be excited about having a break from school and work and not having to get up early to go to school, but it’s different for the seniors.

March 13th was the last day we were going to see some of our classmates and our teachers and walk the halls to go to class. We all thought that we were going to be able to go back and see our friends after the two weeks were up and we could go back to our normal schedules, but then plans changed and we moved on to being quarantined and not able to see anyone for safety measures. 

Social distancing was extended until the end of April so our senior prom was pushed back, but there was no set date for it and now there is talk about having it August 7th of 2020. Graduation has been postponed but there is talk of August 9th.

There was a time when seniors would have been excited about having a little vacation and then being able to go back to say their final goodbyes to their friends, teachers, and the school. For some of us, it was the best four years of our lives, but it was also bumpy and we all had our ups and downs with friends, grades, and even some teachers. Little did we know that March 13th was going to be our final day to our senior year so we didn’t properly get to say goodbye to friends and teachers.

 Now, we all get to think about our next chapter in life and focus on college and move on from high school and we are all going to go to different areas and we may not see some of our classmates again. Basically, we do not have closure because of the abrupt end to the school year.