OE online Website Hacked

Larz Ostrander, Staff writer

Before school started back up August 26th, OE Online got hacked. OE Online, this site, is where
our journalistic writing class publishes our work. This website is viewable by anyone on the
internet. However, when Instructor Mr. Michael Puffpaff, attempted to add the newest stories Sept. 16th, he discovered the website got hacked. When he went to the site address he received error messages.  IT Director Dan Davenport contacted the website provider, only to find that nothing could be done to restore it as it was heavily infected with Malware.  Mr. Puffpaff thinks that it was the Russians.

So the website was abandoned and a new one was made. The new website is made with SNO Sites. It took just over a week for the company to design the site, transfer archived files and get everything up and running again. Company employees even worked during the weekend on the project. This company will maintain the site to help ensure it is not disabled again. Most of the old articles that could be saved were transferred to the new website along with new features. New features include adding video to stories, and selling advertising to benefit the program. Changes include the removal of archived podcasts, and the layout design is different from the previous website. The high school was able to keep the domain address of oeonline.org. Mr. Puffpaff is pleased with the result, adding that he and Mr. Davenport had discussed shifting to SNO sites in the past, due to previous site maintenance issues.