Soccer and Foreign Exchange Students

Staff and Staff

The boys varsity soccer team has been very successful this year, with their approximately 500 record. Out of all the players on the soccer team, six of them are foreign exchange students from all over the world. Caio Ferrari, a foreign exchange student from Brazil, is on the soccer team and said that he has been playing soccer in Brazil since he was five years old, and that he enjoys playing his sport here, but there are differences. He said, “The game is slower and the grass is taller here.” He also explained that the refs take the game more seriously in Brazil, and the rules aren’t quite as strict here. Finally, instead of playing just a season with numerous games in a week, they play all year in Brazil with one game a week. Caio expressed that the players all get along and it’s a fun team to be on. Hopefully they continue to be successful for the rest of the season. Go marauders!