Our Students Ready For Exams? We Found Out

Lillian Bates, Staff writer

With the first semester nearly coming to an end, a survey was sent out to 10 Ovid-Elsie students to ask their opinions on the school year so far. When asked if they enjoyed the first semester, six students replied yes, three students replied that it was alright, and 1 student replied no. After that, the students were questioned on if they liked their classes in semester one. Seven of the students said yes, two said they were okay, and one student did not like their classes.

It’s always important to find something enjoyable in everything you do, so they were asked to choose their favorite subject. Four students replied that World History is their favorite subject, three responded biology, Spanish had two votes, and lastly, English had one vote. After that, they were asked to choose their favorite school activity. Eight students replied sporting events, two responded with homecoming week, and zero people voted for pep assemblies.

Lastly, the semester always ends with exams, the students were asked if they are prepared for exams. Six students said they are somewhat ready, three students replied that they are not prepared, and one student responded they are prepared. After that, they were questioned on if they are excited for semester two. Six students said they are excited, three responded that they are sort of excited, and one responded that they are not excited.