Marauder Madness: Welcome Writers

Staff and Staff

Fiction takes imagination to the next level. However, sometimes the expression of an idea or topic can strengthen or erupt anger in a person. We get attached to particular characters and such because our emotions, personality, likes, dislikes are common between the character and yourself. A writer expresses who they are and or who they want to be. Their stories or fanfictions express how a particular situation or storyline should occur.

The O-E Online Journalism Staff encourages you to be yourself. Use Marauder Madness to express who you are. Join us on an ongoing journey to build a better creative community. You are welcome to submit publications to the following address [email protected]  The editorial staff will look for the following criteria : 1. It must be appropriate for all ages.  2. No use of vulgar or crude language.  3. Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated. 4. This is for fun, not obligation.

Be the writer that you want to be, not what the world wants you to be.