Lucas Sells His Empire


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The world of nerdism and America’s film backbone was shifted and nearly broken as the Internet was bombarded with activity towards the new future of Star Wars. If you’re reading this, you know what has gone down. Ye olde George Lucas has sold his company, Lucasfilm, which he has owned by himself for about 35 years, to Walt Disney.

Yes, this is indeed huge news. What is even more interesting is that he sold it for about $4.05 billion dollars. More important than the money is the future of the franchise, which was clearly Lucas’s concern as well. He was quoted as saying that he’d like the series to carry on to a new generation of filmmakers. He is clearly proud of what he has created. Kathleen Kennedy, who was appointed co-chairman and CEO of Lucasfilm earlier this year, is now “in charge” of producing the new Star Wars films. Lucas, Kennedy and Disney have all stated there is indeed a “Star Wars 7” to be released in 2015.

It will apparently be part of a new trilogy, in which the sequels to “Star Wars 7” will be released periodically over the course of five years. It seems as if there is to be no cap on the series any more. For better or worse we will indeed be seeing more “Star Wars.” Logically almost all of the fanboys rose in rage at the news of Disney owning their childhood as well as the fact that there is to be a new trilogy.

I’m torn. I’ll start with my nerd rage opinion first. We fanboys are still in recovering from episodes 1 and 2. I understand that “Star Wars: Episode III” was indeed a pretty great film, and I may go as far to say I like it more “The Return of the Jedi. I’m sorry, it just was not a good follow-up to one of the best sci-fi films ever, “The Empire Strikes Back.”

Anyhow, why would we want more films to tarnish what we love even more? If the new trilogy is bad we will have lost our ground in the battle against those “Lord of the Rings” fanboy freaks, as well as those Klingon-loving Trekkies. But, there is a valid argument against what I just said. I believe more in what I’m about to say: I think creating a new trilogy is a good idea. It can be done right and frankly I think it will be. “Star Wars” is timeless. It is more than a series of films, it is the basis for all sci-fi sagas, film or any sort of entertainment.

If they did not continue the series, “Star Wars” would die. That’s something none of us want. It won’t happen now. I think the way they should approach this is by creating an entirely new storyline, unrelated to the previous characters of the other films. They should create new characters and a new story, only moderately related to the characters, minor characters, or maybe the droids. It should take place chronologically after “Jedi” but a good time after the fact. Create new villains, a new character story arc, so that maybe those who love the original trilogy, can watch a “Star Wars” film where they don’t know the outcome of over 50% of the characters. You cannot say that this wouldn’t be fun. Add good actors, a good script from a good new screenwriter, and a great director (Paul Thomas Anderson? He said he wants to make big budget films, now is his chance,). Some good can come out of this.

Luckily, Disney said they are not going to adapt any of the novels or comic book stories that have been created in the “Star Wars” universe. But in bad news, there is a rumor that Mark Hamill was told episodes seven, eight and nine are going to follow Luke Skywalker between ages 30-40, but will not have him playing Luke. Yeash…I don’t know about that. It’s possible all of this will burn “Star Wars” to the ground, or raise it for more generations to come. I swear, though, if they mess this up…