My American Dream: The Importance of Family and Happiness


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By Alex Koyne

What is the American Dream? It could be achieving infinite wealth, or simply having a loving family that you can spend your time with. Most citizens would agree that it is the ability to reach the life goals that they set for themselves. Peoples’ American Dreams could differ completely from person to person, and all of them are unique to every individual. Some dreams are quite extraordinary and consist of very large goals, while others may be exclusively simple. I think everybody can agree that all American Dreams consist of being happy in one way or another. This point of concurrence for peoples’ dreams is probably the single most important factor when considering the American Dream. I too am one of these people who believe that happiness is of extreme importance. My American Dream is not one of the simplest, yet it is not an overwhelmingly greedy or complex dream. I would like to eventually have a welcoming home with a loving family to go along with it, as well as a career that suits my mind and abilities.

The first part of any long-term goal is having to begin somewhere, and in this case, actually find out what my American Dream really is. I previously had thoughts that my dream was to be a wealthy doctor or lawyer, with money that could get me anything I wanted. But after reviewing this idea in my head, I came to a realization. This realization was that, in reality, I would never truly be happy as a doctor or lawyer. So I contemplated for a substantial amount of time and came to a conclusion that I was, in fact, always intrigued with the idea of working around any type of law or law enforcement. In the end, I decided that my career should definitely include a workplace and setting that would satisfy the want to be in this line of work. Whether the career was ranging from a police officer to a federal marshal, or maybe even an agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Whatever it may be, I decided that a great gateway to this career would be service in the United States military, preferably the Army. And while enlisted in the U.S. Army, I would seek a higher education to work on during and after my service. I am not entirely sure on what type of salary I would be earning with this type of career yet; but whatever it may be, I am positive that it would be sufficient enough to take care of my family.

As for my family, I would expect nothing less than a typical, loving family. I would like to find a beautiful woman that would be my wife, and who would always faithful to me, as I would always be there for her when she would need me the most. I plan on, hopefully, having two sons that would be mild children, who grow up healthy and strong-willed. I also would like to eventually purchase a medium sized home that would be quite delightful for my family. It would, ideally, be a two-story house with a modern feel and decor. I would love to be able to live comfortably with my family in a pleasant section of New York, or in a city such as Washington D.C. I obviously would want my children to grow up in a safe community where they would hopefully stay out of trouble, and generally where I do not have to be too concerned about the safety of my family as a whole. I would enjoy being able to take my family on exceptional vacations and being able to get them anything that would make them happy.

Travel would also be of immense importance when considering time spent with my family. I believe that travel is a wonderful way to relieve stress and learn many great things about heritage and the world. Travelling around the world would definitely play a large role of what I would love for my family to do when we would get time to go. The first place I would like to visit is most definitely Ireland; and this is due, of course, to my Irish heritage that I take so much pride in. I would also have a great time going to Italy. I am not entirely sure why Italy strikes my interest so much, yet I just feel that it would be a great vacation spot. One of the other major spots I would love to hit up as a summer get-away is Bora Bora, which is a resort that resides around a few small islands inside of a large coral reef that protects the majestic vacation area from dangerous aquatic species and waves. Though vacation is a great part of my American Dream, there are many other tasks that would be great to achieve in my lifetime. A task that I find would be extremely important is learning how to play the piano. I feel that playing the piano is quite a relaxing experience that could also help with stress, or just be a great way to be festive around the holidays. As for other possessions that would be nice to have, I think that having a suitable vehicle would be an almost essential item to have in today’s world, considering the need to have a way to get to work and anywhere else I would need to go. The last thing I would like to mention is that I would like to be able to retire by the time I am fifty years old. It would definitely be an extra benefit that I would be grateful for, as I would have many years down the road to do many great things.

This basically sums up what I would like to think is my American Dream. I have mentioned all of the things that I would like to achieve during my lifetime, and hopefully have life work out to my advantage, giving me a level of happiness you only have one lifetime to get to. Today in the United States, the American Dream is still very much alive and it is available to anyone who wants to take advantage of it. I believe every American wants to achieve happiness in some form, and the reason it is so readily available is due to the fact that everybody has the chance to be happy. So my main point is to emphasize the importance of family and happiness in my American Dream, which may change over time, or play out exactly as I described. You never know what life will throw your way.