My American Dream: A Future to Strive For


Staff and Staff

By Cameron Freeman

In our American society today, our freedom to strive after personal goals is our greatest ability as citizens. To most of us, our dreams that start when we are just growing up, define us as individuals when we reach adulthood. I find my hopes and dreams especially important to me and these hopes and dreams will lay the foundation for happiness in my future life. Our dreams today outline our lives tomorrow. My personal dreams are to have a stable job I enjoy, start a wonderful family, and weave in my religious beliefs with my life in the future.

Many teenagers believe that they can just go find a job somewhere and be happy, but to me that is not worth it in the outlook of my future. I want to work somewhere I will easily enjoy, and make a living through doing something I can really get involved in. And I can always get involved into technology and computing.  I have always been interested in technology and working through a computer. The main reason I want to get into this pathway is because growing up with computers, I’ve always wanted to create things on one that no one has ever thought of. Whether it be a video game, software, or a website I want to be able to make something people will find useful and or fun. Designing is what I am studying currently.. Also, I am in desktop publishing to see basic designing and different programs to do work on. Therefore, graphic designing and computer programming are definitely two options worth consideration for a pathway of work. I am looking forward to taking the programming classes. I have created a server based game before, and it was difficult until I figured out how to do so. These two options are really something I am going to enjoy, and make a living fulfilling that aspect of my dreams. As well as enjoyment, I want to make sure I have freedoms. These freedoms include having time with the family, possibly setting my own hours, elastic deadlines for projects, and control or power in my position. My job decision will impact my other aspects of my goals tremendously. With this job decision, I want to make sure everything is tied in, especially my future family.

The most important aspect of my dreams has to be my plan of having a family of my own in the future. The reason this goal is so important to me is because of my parents’ love and affection to my brother and I. I want to transfer the way they care for us, into the way I will love my future family. The way I would do this is to care for them everyday, let them enjoy doing what they want to, and be with them to all activities or events they have going. The first goal of my family life is to get married to a wonderful, beautiful woman and enjoy every moment with her. I hope for my future wife to have similar interests and lifestyles as I do. Secondly, I want to have kids and get involved with their daily lives. At most I would like to have two kids, but certainly one child would be good enough for me. The difficulty of having many kids doesn’t seem worth so much work. I believe I should have one or two because I can focus on them and put all my heart and time into making them happy. My goal in family life is to have enough time to spend vacations with the family and relax with them when I get the downtime, as well as support the home with ease. But with all this time, I have to fit in one of the most important things in my life, my religion.

Religion to most high school students my age is either not important or non existent, but to me it is a necessity. Life for me today would be useless without my faith. This aspect of my dreams can tie in with all the rest to follow a Christian life. My parents never forced any type of belief on me, but preached good will and behavioral actions.  I learned from my best friend, and from his church about a real connection with God. Before I met my best friend Ian, I didn’t have much faith and I was living a false hope. I realized by after going to church and youth group activities I needed to secure in something I could really believe in and hope for. My life really has never been the same, and I am happy for what I believe in. In the future, I plan to live and show a golden example to my family of the Christian lifestyle. I want to go to church weekly, and get involved with activities and groups. As much as I want to lead my family in said religion I also want to keep my personal faith alive. To do this I plan on reading the Bible, pray often, influence my kids, and share faith with my wife in the future. I may not be living the way I would completely hope in the moment, but I am ready to influence the future of my family.  I also want to help others in need of spiritual help at church, or in my community. Our dreams whether it is religion, work, or our future families will lay a winding road to a life you will enjoy.

Such dreams define us as individuals. As well as our individuality, being in the land of the free, we have more freedoms to live the way we want. We are all different, just like every human being on the planet. Our being is surrounded by our hope of living the life we strive for. The way we achieve them is through hard work and dedication to the life we expect to live. Our expectations when put to work, can meld together with such dreams to make a life worth living. This life will show an example to all those rose up in hardship and pain, that even they can make their dreams come true. With all three of my dreams, I can expect a life I will be glad to call my own.